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Wine Story: Wine trends 2024 - what will wine lovers drink?

19:19, May 1

In 2024, we see an interesting picture: people increasingly prefer simplicity, minimalism, and accessibility in wine. This trend is becoming pronounced both in the choice of wine styles and in the preferences of winemakers around the world. What changes does this focus bring to the world of winemaking and which wines will be most in demand in this context?

A small survey among sommeliers and wine critics showed in general terms what will be in demand among wine lovers this year.

Firstly, there is a growing trend towards a return to ancient winemaking methods. One such method is the use of karas, a clay vessel used inn order to age wine. Karas rises above modern technology, preserving the natural aromas and tastes of wine, without giving it excessive heaviness or richness. This ancient winemaking method emphasizes the natural personality and character of the wine, making it especially appealing to connoisseurs of the art of winemaking.

In Armenia today, the use of karas in a number of wineries is very successful, as this method combines well with the climatic conditions and soil of the region, which makes it possible to protect the quality and uniqueness of the wine, as the clay vessel helps preserve the natural aromas and tastes of the wine, without giving it excessive heaviness or richness. This makes the wine more harmonious and expressive, which attracts the attention of wine connoisseurs and helps improve its perception.

Elegant and fresh wines are increasingly preferred. Avoiding high alcohol content, richness, and excess oak is becoming increasingly popular among connoisseurs who appreciate lighter, more enjoyable wines that can reveal their character without being too “heavy” on the stomach.

These wines pair perfectly with a variety of dishes and are suitable for drinking alone, with friends or enjoying a pleasant evening. And again, Armenia is on trend, as local winemakers have everything they need for the successful production of light fruit wines, especially whites, due to considerable autochthonous varieties: Voskehat, Kangun, Lalvari, Garan Dmak, Banants, etc. In addition, Armenia’s favorable climatic conditions, characterized by sunny summer days and cool nights, create optimal conditions for ripening grapes and preserving their natural qualities. This also contributes to the production of light and fresh fruity wines with bright aromas and pleasant taste characteristics.

Nowadays, among wine lovers, attention is paid to viticulture and winemaking without the use of chemicals; in other words, organic wines, in which the key factor is growing grapes in accordance with the principles of organic farming, excluding the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

The growing interest in natural and environmentally friendly products leads to the fact that wine connoisseurs prefer wines grown and produced without chemical additives. This enables us to preserve the natural diversity of the vineyards, support biodiversity, and produce real wine with unique character and authenticity.

Liana Agajanyan

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