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George Clooney to make Broadway debut

14:37, May 14

George Clooney will make his Broadway debut in a play adaptation of his 2005 drama Good Night, and Good Luck, Variety reports.

Clooney will play journalist Edward R. Murrow, who hosted the CBS program Watch It Now. David Strathairn originally played the role in the movie, which was directed by Clooney.

Good Night and Good Luck will open on Broadway in Spring 2025 at the Shubert Theater to be announced. It will be produced by Sue Wagner, John Johnson, Jean Doumanian, and Robert Fox.

“I am honored, after all these years, to return to the stage and especially to Broadway, the art form and place that every actor strives to be,” Clooney said in a statement.

The original film was nominated for six Oscars. Its synopsis reads: "As Senator Joseph McCarthy begins his reckless campaign to root out communists in America, CBS News impresario Edward R. Murrow devotes himself to exposing the atrocities committed in Senator McCarthy's 'investigation', backed by the news team. including longtime friend and producer Fred Friendly (Clooney). The CBS team is doing everything possible to call out the senator's lies and excesses, despite pressure from CBS's corporate sponsors."

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