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Why does Meghan Markle hide her feet? Duchess of Sussex often wears clothes that are too long for her 5ft 6in frame during public appearances

20:21, May 19

Meghan Markle is known for her chic style, which has evolved significantly since she and Prince Harry stepped down as working royals and moved to California to start a new life together, Daily Mail writes.

But as she and the Duke of Sussex carry out 'quasi-royal' duties including their tour of Nigeriaand events marking the Invictus Games, a new trend appears to be emerging in Meghan's outfits as she dons trousers, skirts and dresses that appear altogether too long for her.

Celebrity stylist Rochelle White told Femail that the Duchess likely wears long clothing that covers her feet because it gives the illusion of height.

She said: 'Long dresses and trousers, depending on body type, can help to elongate the body and shape. 

'They can make you look taller and depending on the styles can help to define areas of the body you either want to highlight or cover up.'

When the royal couple spent a week in Frankfurt last summer to attend the Invictus Games, Meghan wore an all-brown ensemble on a day that saw them both watching events and attending a NATO meeting.

Photos: Getty

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