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Eurovision 2014: Aram MP3’s song is among favorites – Ukraine representative (PHOTOS)

11:03, April 9

Pop singer Mariya Yaremchuk, with her song “Tick-Tock,” will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision 2014 Song Contest, which will be held in the Danish capital city Copenhagen in May. STYLE interviewed the 21-year-old singer, who spoke about herself, the Eurovision Song Contest, and “Not Alone,” the song with which famous Armenian showman, comedian, and singer Aram MP3 (Aram Sargsyan) will represent Armenia in Copenhagen.

 How did your life change since you have been selected to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision 2014 Song Contest?

I don’t even know how to explain. Everything has changed. I feel as if I’ve got a new purpose in life and a huge responsibility to deal with – I must represent my country in the best possible way. Every day I work hard, I have rehearsals of the stage performance with my choreographer, also vocal trainings. But I’m truly happy because I’m doing something important for my country and my people and I hope that I’ll be worthy of everyone’s trust.

Can you tell the story behind your song “Tick-Tock?”

 First of all, my song is a love story about time and our search to find one true feeling. It is filled with vibrant emotions and I can’t stop dancing to it. There is so much pain and cruelty in life and I hope that my song will cheer everyone up at least for 3 minutes during Eurovision in May.

 Who are your favorites among the previous Eurovision participants?

Every year I’ve got a new favorite and last year I’ve totally agreed with the choice - Emmelie de Forrest with “Only Teardrop” is still among my favorite songs.

Do you get nervous before going on stage?

Of course, I’ve got chills every time! I think it’s a normal way to feel before entering the stage, if an artist isn’t nervous before opening his or her heart to the millions of people then it means that their job is not real and sincere. I want to share my emotions and convey to the audience the main message of the song, and I want everyone around me to feel the same I do. Therefore, I am anxious and worried and it’s actually a kind of wrapping feeling.

How is Mariya Yaremchuk like in everyday life?

Just a girl, just a singer, just a musician with a dream that came true. In everyday life and on stage I’m the very same person, I’m trying to be myself, not to wear masks. I’m an ordinary person in everyday life with dreams, ambitions and future purposes.

What inspires you in life?

My greatest inspirations are my parents. My father died when I was 2 years old but his music, his vocals, his dream made me who I am as a singer and musician, as a person, and my mom is the one who guides me and always supports me, her opinion is precious and important for me and means the most.

Do you think there is way for musicians to participate in and improve the political situation?

Of course, music is a unique language of unity and the most important thing for Ukraine and for every nation is to stay united. Let us be united by music! As for me, I hope to be worthy of the trust of my people, and I have to deserve this trust. This is what I can do for my country – to represent it in the best way on the European stage.

Have you heard the Armenian entry “Not Alone” by Aram Mp3? What is your opinion?

I’ve heard it many times; it’s among Eurovision favorites this year. I think that every song is really great this year, the competition will be tough. I wish all the best to Aram MP3 and hope to meet him in Copenhagen.

What are your expectations from Copenhagen?

First of all, I’d like to have a time of my life, to bring joy to everybody, to rock Eurovision stage and to make my family, my people in Ukraine proud of what I do. And I want to meet new people, to share my music with European audience.

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