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23:42, December 13

How well do we know our other half? It turns out that their thinking is very different from women’s. Let us look at some ideas of men that “Our Wedding” Portal found the most common.

Thought N1: Decide, finally, what you want to buy! Please, make a list of what you need and buy it.

Thought N2: Stop planning everything! Be spontaneous sometimes. A walk in the rain or a long overnight trip by car - sometimes these are the most romantic moments that stay in the memory.

Thought N3: Well yes, I never remember dates! Please, don’t expect me to remember all those small memorials that you came up with - our first kiss, first date or our first walk with the dog.

Thought N 4: Sometimes gossiping is good for health. Since research has shown, men also are often guilty of gossiping.

Thought N5: Stop comparing yourself to others! “I am dating you because I like you for who you are, with all the weaknesses. The more you look at other girls and compare yourself to them, the less interesting you become for me.”

Thought N6: Sometimes you should throw away your makeup!

Thought N7: Stop doubting yourself! If you do not demonstrate confidence and lack confidence in us, it strongly pushes us away.

Thought N8: I am more emotional than you think! Be open and talk about your experiences, and you will see how I can warm you up.

Thought N9: I only say what I think! Contrary with women, who, when saying ‘Leave me alone!’ mean ‘come and make me tell you everything I am unhappy about’, when the men ask to be left alone, they really mean it.

Thought N10: Yes, damn it, I sometimes talk to other girls! But if I look at another girl, or talk to her when you’re not around, it does not mean that am having an affair with her, or that I am unfaithful.

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