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13:10, April 2

All cognizant generations attach a great importance to the role and essence of national music. In the process of forming national image the upbringing by national culture is for certain.

About this topic STYLE talked with young singer Gor Sujyan who represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, with the song Lonely Planet.

“What we call an Armenian music strongly runs counter to our national art and music. I consider it inappropriate to educate our generations by that very music. Our neighbor country reveres the national values higher than that of ours. Their children are enclosed by national and it is efficient, indeed”- stated Gore Sujyan.

The modernization of national music the singer finds to be ill-fitted as it is perverted. According to Gor there are many musicians who come across the national treasures within their own interests. Hence, it results in obscure musical solutions.

“The innovation of national plays is something different. However, I disagree with adding some melodies in famous songs for making it a wedding hit”-mentioned Gor Sujyan, and added that he was not a conservative and was not afraid of other cultures therefore.

He mentioned: “If the international art affects modern art appropriately and doesn’t distort national heritage, we can take some features of it indeed. It is necessary to move ahead without losing the national values.

Gor Sujyan is fully aware of retaining national values, however, he couldn’t remember a wide-scale project within the framework of maintaining cultural heritage.

“The national music is not propagated properly. The fact that a young Armenian can be unaware of Komitas and M. Ekmalyan the signer finds to be dreadful. The reasons should be found in the deviations of upbringing and education along with of the Ministry of culture. Special projects should be realized for retaining national art without distorting it”-posited Gor Sujyan.

Gor is for innovations only through retaining the past heritage.

“The innovations should be so bright that generations will eagerly retain and pass it to generations even a hundred years later. I believe in it”,-positively summarized Gor Sujyan.


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