Husband or lover?

19:22, January 15

Lover is a man who is in a sexual relationship with a woman, but is not married to her. But how to call someone, who has both, a wife and a mistress? Maybe a “ladies’ man,” Don Juan or a womanizer? Every woman will find a name for such a man. And almost all of them are interested in the question of how to get to the core of their husband, and know if he cheats on them. The clinical psychologist of Goy psychological center Laura Avetisyan revealed to STYLE how to do it:

“There are very experienced men who are so professional that there is no way to uncover them. However, no matter how much they try to hide their antics, there is an effective method to uncover any of them. It is the behavior of men. Dear women, once you get acquainted with the way they behave when you are fooled, not one man can ever deceive you. I will try to give a picture of the man who plays in two fields during a single day. Go for it.


Bed, alarm clock, bathroom, he dresses and gets ready for work. Nothing special alarms about his behavior, but there is chaos in his head, he thinks of his mistress, cannot forget the passionate nights they spent together. He is thinking about what to invent as an excuse tonight to meet with his mistress.


Office, computer, a desk, a lot of papers, there is a lot of work to do, but somehow he fails to work. His head is occupied with different ideas. Recently, he has been thinking about one thing “how lucky he was to have met her, she understands him, it is unfortunate that he did not meet her when he was younger.” He sends his new sweetheart an SMS every 30 minutes, sends flowers and expensive gifts. Sometimes he sends them to his wife as well, but not because he wants to, but because he does not want her to suspect, he does not need scandals and scenes, he wants to live in peace, without quarrels. He also does not want to divorce, as he feels sorry for the children.


The end of the working day. He is in the clouds – he is going to his mistress, but he is a bit confused, because he has not yet told his wife he will be late. Finally, he decided to call his wife. In a very low and guilty voice begins to speak to her, explained that he has a lot to do and he did not have time, but he must finish the report today, so he will come back very late. And instead of the report he goes to his love nest.


02:00 am, he is at home. Pretends to be very tired, he is tired of the job, but cannot help it. Pretends he cannot talk (does not want), cannot eat, and quickly goes to bed.

That is a rough picture of a man who plays in two fields. If you notice this behavior in your husband, then know – he is cheating on you. But do not fall into panic, first take try to understand the essence of this treatment to you, because there are many reasons why men are cheating.

Dear wives, love your husband, do not pretend that you love him, but love him sincerely, do not try to change him (mistress accepts him for what he is) and try to accept him for what he really is. And then your husband will accept you. There will not be any cheating in your family! I wish harmony to your families!”

By Laura Balayan

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