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I have something to say to Armenian men - singer Shprot

19:51, February 1

The most outrageous and eccentric Armenian singer with an extraordinary stage name Shprot in a very short time got an army of fans. A huge role in this was played by the unique videos without any complexes and the ability to combine Armenian music style with a modern edge. But all of a sudden, while on the peak of her career, Shprot left the stage and went to the United States of America. This caused a lot of rumors, such as “the singer was disappointed in the motherland, in the Armenian show business and went to America to make a career change.” It was even rumored that Anna Tovmasyan (Shprot’s real name) works at a CD store. STYLE decided to talk with the singer to find out what she is doing now.

Tell us about your new life.

I live in the USA, in Los Angeles. I haven’t given up on my career, I work as a singer in one of the finest restaurants in the city, in Bouvardia. Filming a reality show, jointly with USArmenia channel, which is called “My Life in Los Angeles.”

Can we expect new songs?

I am currently working on a song together with DJ Amur. Hopefully, there will be a video. I don’t want to share details - see for yourself!

What is the reason for your departure from Armenia and are you going back?

I do not want to talk about the reasons I left my country. I am not coming back in the nearest future. However, one thing I can say for sure: I’m dying from longing my own country.

One of the keys to your success is unusual image. Have you invented it yourself?

Yes, I came up with my style, as my stage name. Although, sometimes I worked with image-maker Vahan Khachatryan, who today is one of the most successful foreign professionals. Also, my good friend Zhora Harutyunyan helped me.

Speaking of the stage name, “Shprot” sounds original...

I called myself so as not to be the next Ani on stage. And I was right: my name has done a great job for me. And the reason is that all my life I did not eat sprats (shprot in Russian), I did not like the smell. And in that period of life when I thought about my nickname, I was eating that fish all the time.

Is there an advice from Shprot you want to give to the Armenian girls?

Yes, of course. I want to advise all the Armenian girls to be themselves, not to change themselves. They are very unique and tastefully dressed, unlike boys. By the way, I have to say this, “Please do not wear pink, it does not suit you!”

By Marina Adulyan

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