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I visit Armenia as a close friend - Julio Iglesias (PHOTO)

17:20, March 16

YEREVAN.- World famous singer Julio Iglesias has arrived in Armenia within the framework of  world concert tour.

This is his first visit Armenia, he told reporters on Saturday, pointing at long history of friendly relations between Armenian and Spanish nations.

“I have many Armenian friends. I have met thousands of Armenians for the last 45 years. They are spreading your culture all over the globe. So, my visit is not a visit of a foreigner but of a close friend. I never sing in the place which I dislike. I was happy to come here and will sing with pleasure,” he said during the press conference.  

Asked about possible cooperation with Armenian musicians, he recalled that had been friends with Charles Aznavour. He sang with Aznavour dozen times and considers French singer his elder brother.  

Although Iglesias did not share opinion of reporters that he is adored by women, famous singer confessed to loving women very much.

“I think women feel when men love them.”

Julio Iglesias said he had already asked what Armenians’ favorite song is and what song he could perform during the Monday concert.

“Having experienced revival at a young age, I have become realistic. I set a goal and go for it,” singer said, adding that he is not a dreamer.

Sharing his first impressions on arriving in Armenia, he said that he, and his team thought Armenians are very nice people.

“I have never been to Armenia, but I know the country, thanks to my friends. There is a kind of melancholy in Armenians’ eyes. This reminds me of my homeland. Melancholy is a sister of vulnerability and when a person is vulnerable, it speaks of his heroism.”

Julio Iglesias started his world tour on February 24 from Guatemala. Then he went to Russia, and Ukraine.





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