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“It’s always great to meet a nation, which still has the same traditions”. Lou Bega on his concert in Yerevan (photos)

13:01, September 17

For the first time Yerevan held Yerevan Music Night music fest, which had a lot of surprises for Armenians. People who have gathered around Charles Aznavour square, near the Moscow Cinema were able to enjoy the performances of not only Armenian singers… There was also a huge surprise for Armenian music lovers. The stage was taken by the world known singer Lou Bega, who during the concert performed all his beloved hits including I Got a Girl and Mambo No. 5.

After the concert the singer had a meeting and talk with journalists.

“It’s fantastic to come here, people are very positive and friendly, as they have been for centuries. So, I’m feeling very good. You know, the flight was pretty intense and exhausting but being here is nice. I haven’t managed to see anything, I had just arrived in 8:30 in the evening, and from the airport I came directly to this place. But that doesn’t matter, that’s a part of the job, I knew what I was going into”,-says Bega confessing that he can't sing in Armenian, but he promised to learn an Armenian song for his future concerts here.

 “It’s the second time I’m in Armenia. A lot of things in my life have changed. But it was a perfect time to come back to Yerevan and staying on that stage was one of the most amazing things. You know, I love the history and Armenia is one of the most interesting nations, I’m not saying country…because you guys are a Nation, which means ethnos. So, it was very interesting and great for me to come back, especially when you look how crazy the world has become, it’s always great to meet a nation, which still has the same traditions and I love that”.

THe journalists were interested who has been the most influensive Armenian personality for Bega. The singer answered:

“Like I have always said it always must be Jesus Christ. I know, Jesus Christ was not Armenian, but Armenia was one of the first Christian nations in the world. People have forgotten that all the blessings have to do with the foundations. I hope that the young Armenians will find out, that Jesus Christ is real, he is the Son of God”.

Bega also spoke about his new project revealing some secrets.

“Yes, I do have a project now. It’s a documentary, which is going to come out at the end of October. It is about many things. We’re looking for the revival of Europe, because as I have already said this world will not go for much longer, because it has become a wicked place: We see North Korea, we see Syria, we see earthquakes, storms…These are the world pains, these are not just natural disasters…It's going to be very interesting for people to watch”.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos by Shushan Shatikyan

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