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12:27, February 2

Depi Evratesil show will start on February 19. This year the competition will be held between 20 participants, who will represent their own songs during the contest.

According to internet polls 4 artists-Kamil, Hasmik Shiroyan, Sevak Khanagyan and Tamar Kaprelian continue to lead the competition. STYLE has also carried out a poll on Facebook and Instagram in order to find out who are the favorites according to our readers.

So, the poll between Tamar and Sevak ended with Sevak's victory. He gained the 70% of the votes.

While the poll between Hasmik and Kamil ended with Hasmik's victory, she received 59% of the votes.

As for the Instagram, our followers mostly mentioned the name of Sevak, then comes Hasmik Shiroyan.

Also 852 people participated in our website poll.

So, concidering all 3 polls, we can conclude that our readers mostly voted for Sevak, Hasmik has received the second position, then comes Tamar Kaprelian, and Kamil is on the forth position.


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Who is going to represent Armenia on Eurovision-2018
Tamar Kaprelian
Sevak Khanagyan
Asmik Shiroyan