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Eurovoxx founder about Sevak Khanaghya’s victory in Armenia's Eurovsion selection

11:08, February 27

Passions about the results of Armenia's national selection to Eurovision 2028 run high.

While the fans of Sevak Khanagyan are happy with the victory of the talented singer, other participants, or their representatives and fans are perplexed by the choice of the jury.

In any case, we, in turn, decided to ask for a comment of the neutral party (everything we cannot see can be easily noticed when looking from a distance).  Andy Carlisle, founder of Eurovoxx which is a popular website about Eurovision, is commenting on Armenia’s choice.

«Sevak brings something very authentic and honest to Eurovision this year. A heartfelt ballad, matched with his deep vocals, and leading to a powerful second half of the song certainly made me stand up and take note, but is this the song to win Eurovision 2018? I'm not so sure. The song has many of the base ingredients to do well on the Eurovision stage, however it does need a further injection of 'something' - perhaps a stronger and more polished backing track, and a strong stage performance will definitely help to set it apart.


Sevak will also need to make sure he nails his vocals on the night and make sure he hits those higher notes with ease, which will help him get across the real emotions of the song. We all saw how conveying true emotion during a performance helped Salvador last year, and I look forward to seeing Sevak do the same this year. In terms of the other songs participating at Depi Evratasil, whilst I don't think the overall standard of songs was the highest this year, there was definitely one that stood out for me, and that was Asmik with her song 'You and I', and this was definitely the song I was behind from the beginning.


This song could have been a huge radio hit around Europe, but as with any Eurovision song, you need to get the balance between the studio version and live performance just right, and unfortunately I don't think Asmik quite made it happen this year. That being said, she has an amazing voice, and I would love to see her come back again with a song just as strong as 'You and I', however am slightly sad that I won't get to see her perform it on the huge Eurovision stage this year. I am always excited to see Armenia's performance at Eurovision, as they always seem to pull it out of the bag when its needed, and hopefully this year will be no different.

Whilst I don't think we will be heading to Yerevan in 2019, I do think Sevak will do his country proud, and overall is a good pick for Armenia. I also have one final wish... and that is to please keep the song in the Armenian language. I do miss hearing national languages on the Eurovision stage, and would love to hear Armenian sung in Lisbon this year», Аndy says.




By Paruir Siniavskii

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