World’s most expensive wedding dresses

11:45, March 4

Wedding dresses, the value of which may surprise you.

Sophie Hunter, $ 100,000

Actress, director, renowned actor Benedict Cumberbatch's wife got married wearing Valentino brand dress. Sophie preferred silver lase to classic.

Nicky Hilton, $ 75,000

One of Hilton's youngest inheritors married James Rothschild, who is also the heir of vast wealth. The fairy dress is made of different shades of lace and is decorated with crystals.

Victoria Beckham, $ 100, 000

Although the wedding ceremony was held in 1999, Vera Wang's dress is one of the most beautiful creations since then. Victoria thinks that time does not affect the dress, and she still keeps it in the wardrobe. Beckham hopes that her daughter – Harper – will wear it at her wedding.

Kate Middleton, $ 388 Many people think Kate Middleton's dress is ideal. Designer Mark Bailey described it as follows: "A dress that can endure the temptation of time. Not all dresses succeed. Any bride in the world would like to wear it. It somehow bears the impact of 1950s classic ball dresses. Perhaps her daughter will look wonderful in this dress 30 years later."

Kim Kardashian, $ 400,000

The dress is made by Givenchy brand. Closed and modest dress is decorated with elegant lace.

Dress made of peacock feathers and worth $ 1.5 million

Famous designer Vera Wang needed 2009 peacock feathers for sewing the dress. According to some reports, Jennifer Lopez was going to buy it for a wedding ceremony with Ben Affleck, which never happened. The dress received a negative reaction among animal defenders.

White gold dress by Yumi Katsura, $ 8.5 million The dress of famous Japanese designer is made of white gold, silk and atlas, decorated with precious stones and embroidery.

The diamond wedding gown, $ 12 million

The dress is the result of the collaboration of designer Renée Strauss and jeweler Martin Katz. Today it is the most expensive wedding dress in the world. The dress is decorated with diamonds of 150 carats.

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