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16:43, May 15

Actress Milla Jovovich is speaking out against the restrictive abortion ban in US state of Georgia in a passionate post on Instagram, The Independent reported. 

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“I went into pre-term labour and told that I had to be awake for the whole procedure. It was one of the most horrific experiences I have ever gone through. I still have nightmares about it. I was alone and helpless,” she said. “When I think about the fact that women might have to face abortions in even worse conditions than I did because of new laws, my stomach turns. I spiraled into one of the worst depressions of my life and had to work extremely hard to find my way out. I took time off of my career. I isolated myself for months and had to keep a strong face for my two amazing kids. I started gardening, eating healthier and going to the gym everyday because I didn’t want to jump into taking anti depressants unless I had tried every other alternative.

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Thank God I was able to find my way out of that personal hell without turning to medication, but the memory of what I went through and what I lost will be with me till the day I die. Abortion is a nightmare at its best. No woman wants to go through that. But we have to fight to make sure our rights are preserved to obtain a safe one if we need to. I never wanted to speak about this experience. But I cannot remain silent when so much is at stake.”

Her followers perceived her statement ambiguously. Some of them supported the actress, while others insist that the premature birth equals murder.

Картинки по запросу milla jovovich getty images

The scandalous bill should come into force on January 1, 2020. According to it, it is forbidden to have abortions from the sixth week of pregnancy, when fetal heartbeats appear. The new law provides several exceptions. An abortion can be done in case of a threat to the life of a woman or the possible infliction of significant and irreparable harm to her health due to pregnancy.

Photo: Getty images, Instagram

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