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Cara Delevingne stars completely naked on leather sofa

13:11, August 14

The popular model Cara Delevingne starred in a new photo completely naked.

The celebrity took part in a fashion shoot for Marie Claire magazine. 

The photo captures top model lying without clothes on a green leather sofa. She has nude makeup. The frame got a new tattoo of Kara with the capital letter "A".  She made her in honor of her lover, 29-year-old actress Ashley Benson.

Кара удивила поклонников откровенной фотографией

In an interview, Delevingne spoke about her private live. 

According to her, the girls just realized that they want to be together.

The supermodel also spoke about the differences between the sexes.

Влюбленные редко говорят о своих отношениях

According to her, the whole idea of gender has long been discredited.

Delevingne said she was very grateful to Ashley as she helped her open het eyes and understand who she is.

Делевинь является одной из самых востребованных моделей

In early August, Delevingne and Benson had a secret wedding in Las Vegas.

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