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13:06, September 19

The Brazilian model, whose name is Liziane Gutierrez, decided to spend her vacation in an unusual place and now she may be arrested for posing naked and stealing a police officer’s hat in North Korea, Mirror reported.

It turned out that the drunk model starred naked and also stole a hat from the officer.

Before flying out of North Korea, a woman was detained by border guards to check photos on her devices.

“We were on the train, me and the rest of the group, and we were drinking, and it's like six hours on the train. So we were drinking, we had a bottle of tequila, we had Jack Daniel's, we had beer - everything you can imagine. I went to the bathroom and then I saw the door was locked, and I saw the hat right outside. And then I got the hat, and I took it to my cabin on the train and I showed it to the people. 'Hey, look what I found. Look what I found’. And everyone was like, 'you're crazy. You can't do that’. And then I just took some pictures, I did the video and then I put it back. He [the soldier] didn't see it,” the model said.

According to her, she was horrified when border guards demanded to inspect her phone before she could leave the country.

“When he was looking at my phone, I was sweating. I started freaking out because I didn't realise, until that moment, that all my pictures, everything that I was doing would be seen. I was extremely nervous because I could end up in jail. I was very lucky that they didn't check the album containing all the pics I took there,” she said.

The model safely left North Korea and admitted that she really liked the country, and she will definitely visit her again.

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