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Selena Gomez refollows Bella Hadid on Instagram

16:16, November 7

Selena Gomez was dating The Weeknd in 2017 when they both unfollowed his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid on Instagram. Today, Selena refollowed Bella Hadid as well as her sister Gigi Hadid's Instagram.

By the way, while dating with The Weeknd, Selena and Bella tried not to contact at social events. After the breakup, Selena publicly turned to the model and asked her to be careful.

Now, The Weeknd preferred remaining silent - he has no Instagram account and gives almost no interviews, while Bella made headlines for liking a Selena Gomez photo in May.

Fans of the  stars hope that they will be friends and leave in the past all their grievances.

And yes, Selena has plan to establish relations with all her ex-boyfriend’s ladies. So, she stood up for Haley Baldwin, who was harassed by fans.

Source: Cosmo

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