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Kim Kardashian’s party for her eldest son Saint

12:47, December 9

American businesswoman Kim Kardashian can rightly be called the queen of children's parties.

Judging by the pictures and videos posted on Instagram, the party could not do without huge dinosaurs, trees from the rainforests, dense fog that spread along the ground.

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Публикация от Noir Online (@noironlineorg)

The festive table includes sweets decorated with reptile eggs and a cake decorated with multi-colored dragees. Children could also create their own dinosaurs in a simulated science laboratory.

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Публикация от Kylie Jenner (@karjennerlover)

The hero of the day decided to transform into a dinosaur and scare his younger brothers and sisters. A cake decorated with multi-colored dragees has been presented.

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Публикация от The Kardashians (@karjenners_and_kids)

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