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She is trying to give us clues: Britney Spears alarms her fans

13:07, July 11

Britney Spears alarmed her fans after sharing a new video on her Instagram.

The video captured her while answering questions of her fans. But users noted how she was shaking from side to side and that she acted like a child, speaking very inconsistently.

Fans have since flocked to social media to share their disturbance: "She’s nervous as heck look at her body language," one user said.

"She is clearly in trouble, for a person who has been on stage for so long would not be literally shaking in front of the camera. She is trying to give us clues, but we are clearly to blind to see them," the other noted.

"I just don’t get it. She talks and acts like a little child. She even writes like one on caption of her photos. Something is way off... the way she is rocking her voice, the way she talks, quick and anxious. Either she completely loss it or she is train wreck or someone is controlling her," the third one added.

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