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Armenian-Ukrainian band is at focus of UK media (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

13:01, July 12

Lusine Kocharyan performed in the Ukrainian TV show The Voice. Her performance of the Armenian song "Sareri Hovin Mernem (I'll Die for the Wind of the Mountains)" brought her 6.4 million views on YouTube and fame.

Now, Lusine has created the Samuum music project, challenging the Middle Eastern culture.

The Western press immediately focused on their first release, “Maria,” and the concept of this band. DIY MAG (London) published the cover of Samuum in its July issue. The premiere of the music video of “Maria” took place on the website of the British CLASH magazine. The song was also covered by Chimeo and Yorkshire Times magazines, giving the song 5 out of 5 possible points, and Lusine has been compared to stars such as M.I.A, and Cristal Castles.

With "Maria," Andranik and Lusine try to reveal the “covered” face of Middle Eastern culture. At the same time, this song a support for women's liberation movements.

"The Middle East has changed irreversibly, along with the mentality and the mindset of the Middle Eastern girl," says Lusine. "I consider myself part of the Armenian, Middle Eastern culture; I love my roots very much, but I am not afraid to talk about the "dark corners" of our culture; it is important for its own development.”

In the aforesaid music video, the main female character is stolen in order to have her get married. But the girl is not surprised by that; moreover, she is indifferent. After all, all this is so common in her world. And the yielding to the aggressive tradition creates the tension of this music video. "Maria" is the first single from Samuum's forthcoming debut album.

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