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I went to the premiere: Black Widow sterile

13:11, July 12

By Norayr Nazaryan

Natasha Romanoff will have to face her past face to face. She will have to remember what happened in her life long before joining the Avengers team and learn about a dangerous conspiracy in which her old friends — Elena, Alexey (Red Guard), and Melina are involved.

The film was pursued by a very difficult fate: the release was postponed several times due to the coronavirus epidemic (the film was originally supposed to be released in March 2020).

And now, after almost a year and a half, the first film of the 4th phase of the Marvel cinematic universe, a solo picture about Natasha Romanoff, has finally reached cinemas.

For a full understanding, it is necessary to explain that chronologically the actions of the picture take place between the films "The First Avenger: Confrontation" and"Avengers: Infinity War".

Of course, after a long wait, the viewer missed the next film of the cinematic universe, and even about one of the oldest characters of the original composition of the "Avengers".

The audience had a lot of expectations because Natasha Romanoff had not been revealed for more than 10 years and everyone expected that the writers would fully reveal the "Black Widow" to us in the solo film and, as a bonus, they would still tell us what happened to Natasha and Clint in Budapest-this was teased to us back in 2012 in the first part of the Avengers.

But as one well-known Russian football player said: "Your expectations are your problems."

"Black Widow" is written and staged so cliched that it is simply boring to follow the story of Natasha. The main problem with the tape is that it almost does not reveal the central character in any way.

The picture categorically lacks personal scenes that can show the inner feelings of the heroine or her weaknesses.

Of course, Marvel holds the bar for quality in terms of action with great battle scenes and chases.

Humor is also present and dosed, the camerawork impresses the eye with juicy frames and panoramas.

But all these are technical aspects, and the movie should catch the viewer on an emotional level, which, alas, is not present in"Black Widow".

Neither the screenwriter nor the director could make the pitch such that the viewer could empathize with the characters. But the fans wanted to see exactly what the disclosure of the character of Scarlett Johansson is. Everyone has already seen enough of her fighting skills and charm a long time ago, but they were not lucky enough to look into her soul.

It is also paradoxical that although the characters of the picture turned out to be neither fish nor meat, the actors are simply brilliant mainly due to charisma.

That Rachel Weisz in the role of Natasha's spiritual mother, that David Harbour in the image of a super-soldier a la the Soviet answer to Captain America, are simply incomparable.

And Florence Pugh is the star of the picture in general. And if she replaces Scarlett in The Avengers, then this is definitely a super update.

"Black Widow" clearly lacks fire in the eyes, the picture is too sterile even for Marvel Studios, which is very upsetting because the studio itself in recent years began to practice a symbiosis of genres and experimented, and then took it as an incompetent cook, prepared dishes according to the recipe, but without a soul.

Enjoy the movie!

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