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Yerevan 5Concept Store is 5 years old!

12:17, December 12

Exactly 5 years ago, in 2016, the first Armenian concept store “5Concept Store” opened its doors in Yerevan. Five talented and completely different young designers charged with creativity and enthusiasm decided to combine their creative forces and build a common ground. Each designer had her own vision and creative approach, but only by uniting they managed to lay the foundation for the development and formation of the Armenian fashion industry.

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Suddenly it turned out that big, real, mature fashion is not only about Paris, Milan and New York, but also about you and me. It turned out for many of us, that 5Concept influences not only how we dress, but how we think, how we feel and how we live our lives. A small store on Teryan Street gave rise to a big dream of many people.

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Today, it is already a large store on 5 Sayat-Nova Street, where more than 90 Armenian designers have an opportunity to display and sell their products.

For already five years, the store retains its leading positions! And this great merit belongs to the people who believed in their idea and their strength to make come true what all of us in the city of Yerevan have been waiting for so long.

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“I admire and still am inspired by the professional flair and creativity of our designers! We've got five exciting years with 5Concept behind us, and more to come! To be on the same page with the client, to feel her as the best friend, to experiment and walk along the life together is the dream that 5Concept has managed to realize! I wish that we all keep conquering new heights together! Go ahead, keep inspiring each other and catch the wave! " - says creative director Irina Vanyan.

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