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Junior Eurovision 2021 winner Malena returns to Armenia (PHOTOS)

04:42, December 22

By Syune Arakelyan

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winner, Malena, is already back in Armenia.

At Zvartnots International Airport of Yerevan, the Armenian delegation was greeted with exceptional warmth—and under the tune of Malena’s winning song, "Qami Qami (Wind Wind)."

ARS_7645.JPG (343 KB)

The young singer confessed that she still does not believe in the realization of her dream and the fact that many compatriots gathered at the airport came to meet her—despite the late hour.

Speaking to reporters, the 14-year-old singer added that based on the reactions on the Internet, she believed in her victory, but did not deny that at first she was quite nervous.

ARS_7682.JPG (291 KB)

"I had never been on such a big stage. At first I was very tense, but after going to the rehearsals a few times, that nervousness passed, and on the day of the concert I was already enjoying that performance.”

ARS_7678.JPG (370 KB)

To the question to whom she dedicates her victory, Malena answered confidently: "I dedicate my victory to Armenia and all Armenians. I love you all very much, and thank you very much for voting for me. "

ARS_7732.JPG (278 KB)

After Malena's victory, many people said they wanted to see her also in the senior Eurovision Song Contest years later. The singer does not deny that such a thing is possible, but now she is focused on her other dreams.

ARS_7713.JPG (270 KB)

"I want to become a great artist and keep Armenia's name high on different stages."

ARS_7748.JPG (338 KB)

The heads of Armenia’s delegation stated with confidence that the country is ready to host Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

ARS_7777.JPG (317 KB)ARS_7687.JPG (334 KB)ARS_7719.JPG (344 KB)ARS_7753.JPG (354 KB)ARS_7699.JPG (319 KB)

ARS_7724.JPG (309 KB)ARS_7741.JPG (296 KB)

ARS_7760.JPG (335 KB)ARS_7681.JPG (328 KB)ARS_7709.JPG (309 KB)ARS_7726.JPG (343 KB)ARS_7743.JPG (295 KB)ARS_7768.JPG (327 KB)

Photos by Arsen Sargsyan

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