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Should Armenian bride be virgin?

22:47, November 9

The issue of virginity was very important for Armenian brides in the past. At the same time, despite gynecologists always warn about the harm of lack of sexual life, Armenian mothers often claim that even the most beautiful and clever girl is lost if she is not a virgin! Armenian men at the same time usually keep silence, although, their opinion for many of girls is decisive. STYLE has conducted a survey among the Armenian young man and male teenagers and asked their opinion on the importance of virginity prior to a wedding. Overall, 10 percent of men claim it is a must! However, 40 percent claim it is preferable but not a necessity, while 50 percent claim it is not an obligation.

In addition, those progressive 50 percent claimed no one owes anything to the other when it comes to sex.

Sexologists claim that each couple should decide independently when to start their intimate life. The most important is to be conscious and mature. Also it is better to visit a sexologist in the first month of the marriage to organize the sexual life correctly due to the lack of sexual upbringing in Armenia.

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