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Ani Christy speaks on being passive in music, choosing new profession in American film industry

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Ani Christy speaks on being passive in music, choosing new profession in American film industry

12:31, April 16

Ani Christy is not that active in recent years, but despite that she still remains one of the most popular Armenian singers in the industry. The proof of this is her successful participation in the Armenian version of The Masked Singer and the positive feedback she received after posting her recent music video on her hit song “My Silence”. STYLE interviewed the singer, who confessed about the reasons of being passive and spoke about her new passion. 

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Ani, for Armenian TV viewers it was a huge surprise to see you after a while in the Armenian version of The Masked Singer. Had you come to Armenia specially for taking part in that show? 

Actually, my participation in that project was a surprise for me as well because I myself didn’t know much about it before. Yes, I was invited to take part in that project, and as that was organized by Armenian Public TV and directed by my dear Artur Manukyan, I immediately agreed to be involved. 

Did you open up new abilities in you thanks to this project?  

During these years I have realized one thing that the artist should be very flexible because when you stay on the same level, you are becoming boring not only for your audience but also yourself. The generation has changed, and if you are not eager to change your style, at least you have to put some interest in it. As for The Masked Singer, it was a huge experience for me. For example, I had to learn some songs just a day or two before recording them, and that was something new for me. I was also happy to discover that I had not forgotten all the professional tools regarding my singing and stage movements. The only problem was that it turns out I have a claustrophobia, and it was hard for me to stay long hours inside that mask of the Black Cat. I even had some problems with my blood pressure, and after each program I was hoping that either the audiences or the jury of the show would let me out. But on the other hand, I was happy to get that chance of making it till the final. 

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Weren’t you tempted to return to the stage after feeling all that energy during the show? 

Of course, being again on that stage where I had performed for so many times was alluring; but after all, I tend to be realistic. During the last three years when Covid-19 arose, it changed our lives, and then the war in Artsakh started... All that had a huge impact on me. I feel that it all disturb me and prevent from making music and songs. Life has become a very hard thing, or maybe I have become more mature. I never used to think and consider facts this deep; but now all has changed. Of course, from time to time, some kind of inspiration comes to me; but you should capture the moment. Otherwise, it just comes and goes. 

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Your last music video appeared on YouTube 5 months ago. Before, you had a long period of silence. Why were you that passive? Was it all because of the distance? Or maybe you are disappointed for some reason?

Actually, I’m not the kind of artist who is always very active. Sometimes I really need some pauses, in order to find myself trying to give something new to my fans. I don’t deny the fact that if I were in Armenia, maybe I would be more active at some point—like taking part in various concerts, programs, etc. But now I live so far away from Yerevan, in another civilization where people have different routine and vibes. I live according to this rhythm where, for instance, it takes a long time to get somewhere and see someone you need. This prevents you from being active, especially when you don’t see any need for it, and don’t feel any inspiration. As for the disappointment: I came to a conclusion that I should not be disappointed from anything in this life at all because we live in a different period when people are different and everyone has his/her own audience—even the ones doing a really bad quality music. I also understand that I cannot do anything about that. When the internet became an inseparable part of our lives, everyone became able to choose what to watch and listen according to their tastes. And there is no reason even to get angry about it. You just have to do what suits you and still have your followers who would share the same taste.

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What is your opinion about Armenian music industry nowadays?

I would like to know what Armenian music industry is about because in recent years its image has been distorted in my eyes. As I have already mentioned, nowadays everything depends on choices. Each can select whatever is closer to his/her heart, and I consider that everyone should be engaged in whatever he/she feels convenient to do. But I would advise the musicians to think about the quality of what they are creating as well because they should understand that whatever is done can’t be deleted anymore. As for me, I also have songs which I would never record if it were today… However, I’m happy to notice that today we have very talented young musicians with taste, and it really pleases me. 

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Ani, if I'm not mistaken, you have been studying grim and special effects for a while. Let's talk about that hobby. How has it been useful for you in life? 

Whatever I have learned from the specialists really was useful for me—either in daily life, or in my work. I even had the opportunity of working in some Hollywood movies. And it was Covid-19 restrictions that canceled my work; but I'm sure I will return to it soon. Working in American movies is a different feeling and experience.

Have you always been interested in makeup and grim? For instance, are you doing your own makeup?

You know, when I started my career we all used to do our own makeup and hair. It was long after it had become trendy for an artist to have a hair and makeup specialist. But I think the majority of artists know how to do that stuff by their own. You know, everything has become some kind of fake today and it doesn't take us to a good place. But it’s also inspiring that nowadays fashion trends tend to be more natural, and I hope this trend would develop further. 

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What has inspired you to start learning Hollywood grim and special effects?  

When I was a little girl I used to watch “Tootsie” and “Mrs. Doubtfire,” which are two of my favorite movies. And I have always wondered how the professionals were creating that makeup covering the real faces of the actors. When I started studying it, I did a lot of interesting discoveries for myself... On the whole, the Hollywood movie industry is such an interesting and inspiring field to study. 

What about your daily routine in the US? 

From time to time, I record songs, perform in various occasions. But I can’t lie- I’m not very active these days. In fact, I plan to have a concert in Armenia about which I will speak later because I have other projects to finish until that. 

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Your last music video was shot on your song “My Silence,” which had been already known among your fans because it has been released years ago. So, should we wait for some other new remakes from you? 

Yes, that song was very popular among my colleagues, and later I found out that my fans also liked it; so I’ve decided to make a music video on it. I have some ides of remaking music videos for my songs “Qez”/You and “Norits”/Again. Maybe, it would seem incomprehensible for people why I shoot videos on older songs. And my answer is because I think there is a lack of good songs today. If I’ll find a good one, I will surely shoot a video on it as well.

Ani, how often do you visit Armenia? 

I can’t say that I often visit Armenia. But I usually receive a lot of invitations for various projects, which I try to adjust with my daily duties here. By the way, I’m invited to take part in another Armenian project. And if everything goes well, I’ll be in Yerevan in the summer. 

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