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12:37, January 13

Singer Andre Hovnanyan constantly addresses the situation in Artsakh. In the Stories section of his Instagram page, he made new posts concerning the problems in Artsakh.

'Azerbaijan cut internet communication cables going to Artsakh. The only high-voltage line that feeds Artsakh from Armenia is also out of order, and Azerbaijan is not allowing any restoration work to be done on that section. According to a local Internet provider, the damaged cable is in the very area where Azerbaijani eco-activists are located.

He then urged Armenian celebrities not to remain silent, to talk about the Artsakh problem,' he said.

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The singer recently presented a new music video for the song "Holy God,' the shooting of which took place in Artsakh. The piece is part of a liturgy and is presented by the instruments of Vahan Naapetyan.

'First Christian nation, you have the blessing and power of the firstborn. Today, on Christmas Day, let us pray together for Artsakh's freedom, and may God deliver us from evil and free our nation from enchanted indifference. Let us be FIRST again, not last...

Christ was born and has brought us and you great good news,' the singer wrote on his social media pages.

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