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16:21, January 20

Several women have accused 'Wednesday' star Percy Hynes White of violence. The actor's behavior was first reported by a Twitter user with the nickname milkievich.

She said that the actor lives in Toronto, where he is known as a man who constantly forces women to have sex and demands them nude photos. According to the girl, White throws parties in the basement of his house, where he and his friends offer women alcohol and drugs to get them to agree to sex. He allegedly invited a 13-year-old girl to such parties, and then offered drugs and had sex with her.

The user claims that the actor once attacked her during one of these events. She also points out that there have been violent accusations against White before, but no details are given.

A user with the nickname karissbs wrote to milkievich, that it's disgusting to realize what he did to her and other women.

Other people appeared in the comments, confirming the words of the author of the post. Many noted that White is disrespectful to women and insulting if they refuse him sex. Because of the criticism and accusations, the actor closed the comments on his social networks.

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