Alexis Ohanian speaks on special marriage to Serena Williams, Barack Obama's advice on raising their daughter

20:20, March 28

In an exclusive interview with E!News, Alexis Ohanian shared rare insight into his marriage with Serena Williams, including how former US President Barack Obama influenced his parenting style with daughter Olympia.

In the interview, the renowned American Armenian businessman stated that his wife is always at the top of her game, both as an athlete and a businesswoman, and shared why he considers their marriage to be a total ace.

"Having someone as special as Serena as a partner is a consistent reminder of self-improvement," he explained. "I knew I have found someone I was going to spend the rest of my life with because she was someone who I knew I would never outgrow."

The 39-year-old went on to recall how in previous relationships, he'd always find himself realizing at one point: "This ain't it," he said.

According to Ohanian, Ohanian said former president Barack Obama even gave him some "good advice" on being a girl dad.

"The man you are to your wife is man that your daughter is going to see and come to expect. So, remember every time you're with your wife, you are role-modeling that behavior not just for your daughter but for whoever she's going to get to know in her later life," Ohanian said.

That's why Ohanian is now doing "my best work" to set an example for his little girl—including investing in Angel City FC, a women's soccer team.

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