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Serj Tankian hooks up with Mongolia’s The Hu for epic new version of Black Thunder

16:45, April 4

The Hu have continued their ongoing quest to bring Mongolian music to the world by releasing a new version of the track they describe as the "crown jewel" of last year's Rumble Of Thunder album, Black Thunder. And to make things even more epic, Serj Tankian, the renowned musician and lead singer of the famous American Armenian rock band System Of a Down, provides the vocals on the new version, Loudersound reported.

"I had discovered the Hu’s music from a YouTube video that a friend sent me and was instantly struck by their powerful and delightful merging of Mongolian folk and metal," says Tankian. "A few years back I had scored a film called Furious where we also used the legendary Tuva singing and heavy guitars. So, when they reached out to collaborate, I was intrigued.

"I appreciate the pride with which they represent their culture through music. It led me down a historical rabbit hole of Mongolians and Armenia. Genghis Khan conquered Armenia along with the rest of Europe, but the Mongols also later teamed up with Armenia to fight the Turkish hordes. Happy I had the chance to collaborate with the Hu and learn all of this in the process."

Also on board for the new version of Black Thunder is Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz from Bad Wolves, who adds, "Working on this version of The Hu’s Black Thunder was so much fun and so different from what I normally get to do. Their vision, their voices…they’re special. This is more than music, it’s a movement, it’s culture, and I’m honoured that I was presented with the opportunity to be part of it."

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