2 feature films, 1 TV series planned to be shot in Armenia for Netflix (VIDEO)

13:27, September 11

A world-renowned filmmaker will soon visit Armenia to shoot a new movie. This was announced in the parliament by Sisak Gabrielyan, an MP of Armenia’s ruling Civil Contract Party, while presenting the bill on amendments and addenda to the Law on Cinematography. Gabrielyan is the co-author of this bill.

He noted that after the adoption of the proposed law amendments, the aforesaid filmmaker's visit to Armenia and the signing of a corresponding memorandum between the Armenian legislative and executive authorities and filmmakers were planned. In the framework of this, two feature films and a TV series are planned to be shot in Armenia for Netflix.

According to Gabrielyan, if the document is accepted, the Armenian government will develop and publish a list of products and services within six months, from which filmmakers will receive cashback in the amount of 10 to 40 percent of the invested funds. The lawmaker noted that this is an accepted global practice which is being implemented in Armenia, anticipating a considerable progress of the country's film production sector in the coming years. In his view, this bill can contribute to the development of local cinema and draw famous filmmakers and respective projects to Armenia.

Sisak Gabrielyan added that if filmmakers submit a project that will be related to the history of Armenia, its cultural and historical sights and heroes, then the aforementioned cashback can be higher than the set 10 to 40 percent.

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