Romania contestants: Not Alone is very powerful song with strong message

18:03   5 May, 2014

The first semi-final of Eurovision 2014 kicks off on Tuesday. Armenia's representative Aram MP3 will open the performance. Meanwhile, other contestants are sharing their views about Armenian song. This time Paula Seling & OVI shared their impressions about Armenia's performance.

You have already some experience in participating in Eurovision. Tell us what has changed during these years, what is new and what you like particularly?

Paula: First of all I can tell you that the most beautiful thing which is happening here is the music, friendship, meeting new people and enjoying all these moments.

Joining everyone in this competition is quite something. In four years I think some technical issues are more evolved, my love for Eurovision song contest is quite the same. You just cannot say that you don’t love it anymore, because everything is so beautiful here. This year’s stage is huge and it’s where every artists would like to be. To put a show of this great scale is really amazing.

What is your message this time?

Ovi: Our message this time is..Well we won’t play with fire this year, so no need of calling fire department. You are safe We only want to create miracle. It is miracle of life to be gifted as musician and have talent to sing and write as we do. What else can be more beautiful than giving this to the audience that looks at us both on TV and from the hall?

We have been asked what and who we are afraid most of all, but we are not afraid in this competition, we are here to make fun and enjoy it. Especially for us, that we have participated once in Eurovision, this year is quite fun and it’s a lifetime experience. It is great to be twice in this beautiful family. So I advise Aram Mp3 to try it twice if he will have a chance.

What was the main reason you decided to participate in the contest once again: promotion, winning dream or something else?

Ovi: All of mentioned reasons. When we came third in 2010, we were left with that taste of winning. We thought about coming back and were waiting for the right moment, right song and right circumstances. And so we came back!

Paula: Actually since 2010 we believe in miracles, so this amazing song came out and Ovi sent it to me. I heard it and said “wow”, this is a good chance to be on that stage again because the song got me chills and make me think about amazing things. I don’t want to leave him alone, so here we are now!

Do you have separate career or do you work together?

Paula: We have also separate careers as I studied in Romania and Ovi studied in Norway, having albums and enjoying artist’s life. Then we met each other on stage and started making songs since that.

Ovi: We also have solo career but every time we meet, it happens something nice. Right now I hope we will go out with good results from this competition and I hope we will have many projects together.

What can you say about Armenian song this year?

Paula: It is very powerful song with a strong message. I love the video and I love Aram’s voice. I think that is great entry.