Kim Kardashian eats kebab “At Sergey’s”

21:11   9 April, 2015

American reality show star Kim Kardashian and her family have left Geghard monastery for Garni village (which is known for the nearby Hellenistic temple Garni), and they had supper in one of the local eatery called “At Sergey’s”. STYLE’s correspondent informed that the table was laid before their visit. Kardashian’s security guards didn’t let in the journalists. After their leaving, one of the eater’s staff members has told our correspondent that Kardashian and her famous family tested kebab and salads.

It is worth mentioning that “At Sergey’s” belongs to Sergey Gabrielyan – resident of Garni village, and suggest dishes typical to Armenian cuisine. “At Sergey’s” is very famous among tourists.