Rain boots from Burberry

14:27   11 April, 2015

Rubber boots first appeared in Ancient Rome.  Julius Caesar in his work "Gallic War" wrote about specific boots that resembled a bag and were worn over sandals. These bags kept your feet dry as they were imbued with a waterproof structure.

Rubber boots became popular in early nineteenth century in London. A man named Mr. Radley constantly caught cold due to rainy wet weather that pushed him to create waterproof shoes. Later designers turned gray and gloomy shoes into a bright and fashionable element.


Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Mary-Kate Olsen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julia Roberts - they all wear designer rubber boots and appreciate their convenience.


We offer to pay attention to this model from Burberry London. The best option in rainy weather is these rubber check rain boots with metal decorative buckle in a vintage style. They are so convenient and comfortable that you can easily wear them with jeans, skirts and casual dresses. They look as stylish leather shoes.

Composition: rubber 100%

You can buy shoes clicking on a photo


You can buy shoes clicking on a photo

You can buy shoes clicking on a photo