Eurovision 2016: Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan on raising the flag of Nagorno Karabakh

10:01   11 May, 2016

Stockholm - First Semi-Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest was held on Tuesday 10 May, with 10 countries qualifying for the Grand Final on Saturday. After the show the lucky winners gather at the press conference area to share their emotions with the press.

Armenia’s representative in the contest Iveta Mukuchyan answered Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” correspondent question about waving the flag of Nagorno Karabakh in the green room.

“You don’t have to forget that I am representing my country and my heart, my feelings and my whole emotions. Even though one150 million people are watching, my thoughts are with my motherland. All I want to call out, to spread is that I just want peace on borders, Armenia wants peace. And that’s why I wrote this long. I just want to spread Love Waves. I wrote this song because this is going on inside me. I want peace everywhere. That’s why I put up the flag because I really want people to concentrate on that – I want peace in this world,” Iveta answered and her speech was joined the applause.