Apple diet is effective summer diet

15:05   31 July, 2017

Apple diet is an effective summer diet; it is very good for losing weight.

This diet is useful also for those suffering from hypertension and atherosclerosis.

The Apple diet can be carried out in several ways.

Option 1: Eat solely apples and drink a large amount of liquids throughout the day.

Option 2: Eat 1.5kg of apples, but drink nothing all through the day; the fluid in the apple will be enough.

Option 3: Eat half a cup of kefir and one apple, five to six times a day.

Option 4: Eat 1kg of apple on the first day, 1.5kg on the second day, 2kg on the third day, 2kg on the fourth day, 1.5kg on the fifth day, and 1kg on the sixth day. Also, you may drink green tea and eat black bread.

Apple diet is very good also for people who have quit smoking; this diet needs to be carried out for three days, and you may also drink green tea.