Charles Aznavour’s family tree will appear in Yerevan-based Aznavour Center

13:03   5 April, 2018

Charles Aznavour center in Yerevan will present Aznavour's family tree, the official website of Charles Aznavour center reported.

According to the source, the first room will introduce the history of the Aznavour family by means of a video projection of a sand animation.

In the second room, a reconstruction of the inside of a ship will make us share the experience Knar, Mamigon and Aïda, the parents and sister of Charles Aznavour, lived through their journey that took them from Constantinople to Thessaloniki and then Marselles. Vintage luggage will illustrate the journey.

A reconstruction of their first apartment in Paris will be done in the third room. Animations with childhood pictures, first concerts photos and costumes will be presented.