New video reveals of Michael Jackson insisting he’s not gay

11:05   6 February, 2019

New video has been revealed from Michael Jackson’s questioning back in 1998.

Singer was questioned about ‘Home Alone’ star and molestation allegations.

The video captured lawyer asking Jackson whether he had sexual relations with Jordan Chandler, Brett Barnes, and Macaulay Culkin.

“The video shows Jackson, then 37, nervously shifting in his seat, smirking, giggling and alternately looking distracted or joking his way through being questioned on camera about whether he’s a pedophile and whether he molested boys, including Culkin, who were regular visitors to his Neverland Ranch,” Mercury News reported.

At one point, Jackson became more animated when he declared himself a “proud” black American man, denied ever bleaching his skin and insisted he’s not gay.

Michael Jackson twice appeared on trial on charges of molesting underage boys.