Tina Kunakey shares her beauty life-hacks

18:41   20 August, 2019

Tina Kunakey is one of the sexiest models in the world and the wife of 52-year-old French actor Vincent Cassel shared some of her beauty secrets.

According to her, a woman is beautiful when she fully accepts herself and when she is happy. The beauty loves to arrange photoshoots by the sea and sunbathes only with sunscreen with the higher SPF (at least 50). Tina noted that she prefers the beach to the pool.

She told Elle that she takes 52 swimsuits with her at a vacation for a month. Kunakey gave birth to Amazon in April. The baby girl of 52-year-old Cassel and his wife was born in April. The actor informed about her birth on Instagram writing “Amazonie est née (Amazonie is born).”

The first to comment was Tina’s brother – Zakari Kunakey – who wrote “Zozo”. And even during pregnancy, Tina Kunakey delighted fans with hot beach photoshoots.