Adele reveals how she lost nearly 100 pounds

14:06   12 January, 2020

UK star Adele talked with a young fan on vacation in Anguilla and told her that she had lost something about 100 pounds (about 45 kilos).

According to the Daily Mail, the girl met Adele on the beach. The singer sunbathed in the company of her 25-year-old friend Harry Styles.

Wow! Adele has revealed to a fan that she's lost 'something like 100 pounds' during her break to Anguilla

Lexi told People: 'She said she lost something like 100 pounds, and that it's such a crazy positive experience. She seemed so happy, and she looked amazing. She seemed really confident.’

Transformation: Adele revealed her incredible weight loss this year. following reports she embarked on a new fitness regime

Adele said this all is about the diet. She does not like physical exercises, so the fitness trainer made a special nutrition program for her -  Sirtfood died based on SIRTs, a group of proteins that help suppress appetite and activate the slimness gene in the body.

Photo - Joe Brown / Backgrid / Instagram