Kim and Kanye are tired of each other (PHOTOS)

11:31   6 June, 2020

The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West star couple is tired of being together in quarantine, and therefore they have decided to get from each other for some, according to the couple's close circles, The Daily Mail reported.

The first respective step has already been taken: Kanye and Kim have moved to different parts of their mansion, and have made their work schedules so that they can meet less. But even that didn't help. They say that the star couple argues about every little thing, and that is why they have decided to live in different houses.

They even celebrated their recent wedding anniversary separately—no romance, no festive dinner. On their sixth wedding anniversary, Kanye just sent flowers—in the shape of a six—to his wife.

Most likely, Kanye will go to their family ranch in Wyoming. The musician likes it more than their luxurious Beverly Hills mansion where Kim and their four children will live. It is said that in this way, Kardashian wants to save her marriage, to be alone, to think, and to miss Kanye.

Rumors that everything is not so smooth with Kanye have been circulating for a long time. It is difficult for them together, but Kardashian does not want to lose her husband.

It is obvious that Kim will make every effort to appear a happy couple in the eyes of the public, as a separation will cause a huge damage to her image. In recent years, Kardashian has carefully built the image of a loving mother and a homemaker.