Armenian representative of Eurovision 2017, Artsvik has a new photo shoot posing with deer: The singer on her quarantine in Moscow

16:25   15 September, 2020

Armenian representative in Eurovision 2017, Artsvik has a new, interesting photo shoot, where she poses with beautiful deer showcasing the incredible nature on her background. The photo shoot was carried out by talented photographer Svetlana Soina. In her interview with STYLE Artsvik mentioned that she was dreaming of such kind of pictures and has had fun working with Svetlana and posing with deer. “I always try to do things which haven’t been done before and I hope I manage so”, says the singer adding, that she had no difficulties with the deer, “I feel quite confident with animals, so everything went really nice”.

We have talked also about her quarantine in Moscow and the news she has prepared for her Eurovision fans.

Artsvik I follow your Instagram posts and have noticed that you’re already having some performances on Moscow stages, but days before you were also staying home, without singing, like the majority of the artists. How you passed those days of quarantine?

That was a terrible period in my life. You just start thinking and understand, that your job is something that is not demanded. It’s a very hard feeling... But I’m an optimist and have never lost my hope for a brighter future, and today, despite all the difficulties, we continue working, step by step we try to move forward. I hope we will overcome all these things in a small amount of time.

On the other hand, you’re one of those artists who are always working without having a rest. Maybe you needed some rest?

Yeah, I have been working as far as I remember myself (laughing) and I’m used to that routine. This was such a lazy period for me, but on the other hand I’m happy to have managed to spend more time at home, doing some household staff, watching my favorite movies, reading those books I couldn’t manage before… I don’t complain, I have spent a rather useful time at home.

Some people say Covid19 has helped them to revalue their lives. What about you?

Sure... You start to value the life even more, to vale everything you have, you find happiness in every detail. I used to perform without even understanding how wonderful thing that is, but now I find happiness in every performance I do. Yes, this is really a time for revaluing our priorities.

Did the virus destroy a lot of your plans?

I had so many plans... I wanted to do concerts not only in Yerevan, but also in many other cities of Armenia, and I had to postpone my plans for an unknown period. Really wanted to come to Armenia also for having some rest, but know no one knows how the situation will go on. I want so badly to return and I hope everything will be OK!

But, fortunately, you have managed to realize some projects- one of them is the remaking video of your duet with Margarita Pozoyan,  «Сестра по духу».

Yeah, we were celebrating the 5th anniversary of the song and decided to invite our friends and colleges to take part in this project. As a result, we have a rather beautiful and musical video, which I’m fond of.

Now I’m working on some new songs, but you know- it’s interesting, because I haven’t been writing during the quarantine, I didn’t feel like creating something, but today I’m working on two new songs, which will be released soon.

Syune Arakelyan