Four scenarios considered for 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

10:01   19 September, 2020

The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest have presented four scenarios for holding the event in 2021.

The format of the contest will depend on the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the world, the Eurovision website reported.

The first, the traditional version, involves holding the competition in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, at the Ahoy Concert Hall where the judges and the audience will be present. In this case, the participants of the competition can also take part in other events that will be held in the city.

The second option is to impose certain restrictions.

According to the third scenario, the contestants, who will not be able to go to Rotterdam due to the closed borders, will have the opportunity to perform remotely, being in their homeland.

And the fourth option proposes to hold Eurovision 2021 completely online. In that case, however, all Eurovision events scheduled in Rotterdam will be canceled.

The Eurovision 2020 Song Contest was canceled due to the coronavirus. In June, the organizers announced the dates for next year’s competition. Accordingly, the two semifinals will be held on May 18 and 20, and the final is scheduled for May 22.