Remove the cancer, that is Erdogan, before it spreads: The Armenian-Spanish actor from The Money Heist, Hovik Keuchkerian calls not to be indifferent towards the war in Artsakh

13:59   20 October, 2020

“Stop the Azerbaijani aggressions”, calls Armenian-Spanish actor Hovik Keuchkerian, the star of Spanish famous TV series Money Heist/La Casa De Papel. He has recorded a video, where speaks about the war in Artsakh and all the crime and terror that is being carried out in the Armenian land by Azerbaijani and Turkish armies. “What is happening since September 27 in Artsakh- a conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, as it is called by international press, is not a conflict, it is an aggression, it is an invasion and it is an occupation, it is a clear attempt by Erdogan’s Turkey and Aliyev’s Azerbaijan to start a new genocide against the Armenian people. It is more than a war, Armenia together with Artsakh add up to a population 3.150.000 inhabitants, Turkey together with Azerbaijan add up to a total population of 92 million inhabitants. Moreover, Turkey and Azerbaijan together have an army that is 25 times more powerful and technologically more advanced than Armenian”, says the actor mentioning the fact that Azerbaijan and Turkey have brought terrorist to fight not only against Armenian army but also peaceful civilians, who are being killed because of bombings and violations.

 “i insist, that this is more than a war. Armenia has no intention of invading anyone or massacring anyone, nor of going to a war with anyone. There are 3 million Armenians who only want to live in peace and prosper in their motherland, the holy land of all the world’s Armenians, but it seems like again we have no right to do it. But even with all the history suffered, bled and cried by the Armenian people, they have not been able to take away our smiles, our illusions, our dreams and our will. Not even they have been able to take away our sense of unity, of group and brotherhood. They have not succeeded, they are not succeeding and they will not succeed. You will not be able to”. The actor also mentions that right in this moment Erdogan and Aliyev are trying to carry out ethnic cleansing again. He calls the international community, USA, EU, Russia and UN to act instead of talking, and act as soon as possible. “Remove the cancer, that is Erdogan, before it spreads. Otherwise, sooner rather than later you will have to deal with your own “Adolf Hitler” in the 21t century. While you are making your decisions, Armenians are fighting resisting and are defending themselves. I insist they defend themselves. They fight for our beliefs, for our culture, for our history, for our families, for our sons and daughters, for our elders, for our ancestors and for our little piece of Armenian land”.

He also adds that every Armenian is ready to fight for its historical land and home till the end, because this is a fight for survival. “I’m sending all my energy, all my strength, all my admiration, all my respect, all my love and all my prayers to all the civilian population of Artsakh and Armenia, to those already fallen in combat and already Armenian heroes and their families and to all the soldiers who at this very moment are once again defending, fighting tooth and nail, our holy land. Armenian sisters, Armenian brothers, you are not alone! God bless you”.