Francesco: Pope's documentary tells about his efforts to recognize Armenian Genocide

18:01   24 March, 2021

The film Francesco about Pope Francis will be available on March 28 on the DiscoveryPlus service. One of the producers of the film is Eric Esrailian.

Eric Esrailian announced the release of the film on the DiscoveryPlus platform in a post on his Facebook page, noting that it was a great honor for him to be present when Pope Francis prayed at the Armenian Genocide Memorial, once again drawing the world's attention to Armenia.

"I was honored to be here when Pope Francis prayed at the Armenian Genocide Memorial & drew the world’s attention to Armenia once again. Watch our film Francesco with Pope Francis on @discoveryplus this Sunday & learn about his powerful efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide & much more. Despite decades of denial & geopolitical maneuvering by denialists, our U.S. Senate, House, Library of Congress & the enlightened  now publicly recognize the historical facts...something even denialists do in private. Bipartisan members of Congress are now calling on President Biden to make sure the Executive Branch follows suit," he said.