Alex Rodriguez heads to Saint-Tropez, where J.Lo and Ben Affleck are on vacation

13:59   29 July, 2021

While Jennifer Lopez is enjoying vacation with her new-old boyfriend Ben Affleck, her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez is also wasting no time.

The former baseball player constantly caught the eye of the ex-fiancée in Saint-Tropez, leading to thoughts of stalking.

He was seen with friends and attractive girls on a nearby yacht. He visited the same stores as Bennifer. According to Facts, Jen and Ben even had to give up lunch at the restaurant where they had reserved a table, as they learned that Alex was already there.

Insiders claim that Rodriguez, although he wants to show that, despite the breakup, everything in his life is wonderful, in fact he is very worried. The fact that Lopez left him is a strong blow to his pride. And the fact that she literally immediately began a new romantic relationship literally destroyed his ego.