Athena Manoukian’s new photoshoot for STYLE and interview on her visit to Armenia, Eurovision, and more

12:08   21 December, 2021

The Greek-Armenian singer Athena Manoukian, although lives and mostly works in Greece, never forgets about her Armenian part and uses every single chance to be here-closer to her roots.

Athena was recently in Yerevan, and STYLE couldn’t miss the opportunity of meeting the beauty. Here is our new exclusive photoshoot with Athena featuring her interview about her visit to Armenia, her experience from Depi Evratesil, dreams, difficulties and more.

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Athena, recently you’ve been to Armenia. What kind of visit that was and how long have you stayed here?

Visiting Armenia has always been my priority. Finally, I managed to come and it was a visit mainly for business but also to enjoy Armenia and spend time with friends, something that I didn’t have the chance to do as I wanted on my last visit. I’ve been here one week and I managed to do so much more than I’ve planned. With 3 hours of sleep per day, I enjoyed every minute of my staying in my beautiful Armenia. 

The last time you were here, it was before the Covid19 and the war in Artsakh. Did you see any changes in the atmosphere? How different does Armenia seem to you?

Despite all the difficulties, Armenia never changes in my eyes. We all know that this country has been through a lot, but we can all recognize how people keep staying connected, bonded, and always ready to face any unexpected situation that will come. This is Armenia and those are the people that make her even more beautiful.

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You had also realized one of your dreams here becoming the winner of Armenian national selections for Eurovision 2020. Unfortunately, the concert was not held at its usual rate that year and you were not able to perform your song on that big stage of Eurovision. How does it feel, being so close to your dream, but not fulfilling it because of the circumstances?

All I’m thinking is that this dream will just take a little bit more time to be completed.

They say good things take time right?

Are you a stubborn person on the whole? Do you always go after your dreams?

Yes, I can say I am really stubborn. I always fight and work hard for what I want to achieve. When my career started, I used to break down easily as everything was new to me and I couldn’t understand how things work. But that didn’t mean I gave up. It’s really important to go after your dreams, as you only live once and you deserve to do what you love the most.

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How much did your victory at ‘Depi Evratesil’ affect your connection with Armenia? I’m sure you now have more friends and more people here, who are excited to work with you.

Since the first time I visited Armenia, in 2015, I made many friends and supporters. That’s something I really appreciate as most of the people that know me from Armenia have been supported me since then. I admit that my victory at ‘Depi Evratesil’ affected my connection with Armenia in a way that more people got to know my name. That makes my work even more demanding, as I have to make all of them proud and represent them and Armenia itself in the best way I can.

Athena you have no relatives here. Your family, your relatives and most of your friends live in Greece, but it seems like you feel so close to Armenia…

Even though I have no relatives in Armenia, I am at home. It’s the roots, the heritage, the blood. I feel really connected with this country- The atmosphere, the people, the vibes...

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No matter how hard it is in Armenia, a lot of people who come here, say, that they would like to live here. Do you have further plans of settling also in Armenia? 

Yes, I would love to. No matter how hard it is, we are part of this country and we are proud of that. I hope I can manage to make it happen one day.

How do you manage your career in this difficult period for the whole world?

I continue working hard, and even though there are many restrictions I try to prepare everything so I can be ready when we’re going to be free again. There is always a way, if there is a will. 

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You have recently released your new single with the title ‘’OMG’’. As we know, you are the composer of this song and also the main director of the music video. Can you tell us a little bit about the song and the whole process?

“OMG’’ is an English – German song, presenting the “Behind The Scenes” life of an artist. It explains how people judge an artist by a 3-minute song when he/she has been through so many difficulties and sleepless nights. It inspires all the people to not stop chasing their dreams and emphasizes that we’re all going to be through hard times in order to make it happen. We just must not give up. Being in the music industry is hard, so I am trying to give hope to all the artists in the world that started from zero as me with any connections or help. The song is written by me along with DJ Paco and Annemarie Eilfeld. DJ Paco and I wrote the music together and the lyrics are written by me and Annemarie Eilfeld. 

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Every difficulty is like a lesson for us, what new did you learn or feel during this period?

There are always some difficulties in our life. Every time, we must see the positive side. We are being tested on our faith in what we do and how dedicated we are to this. So we need to be strong and not give up. Good times will come!

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What are your dreams at this moment?

To finally release my first album and continue writing good music along with performing and reaching a higher level of progress for my future career.

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Interview by Syune Arakelyan

Photos by Arsen Sargsyan

Designer: Faina Arutyunyan

Make up by Amaliya Ayvazyan

Hair by Tigran   

The shootings took place at Photon Studio