Alexis Ohanian's grandfather turns 100: John Ohanian is the son of refugees, Armenian Genocide survivors

11:12   17 January, 2022

American businessman, activist, co-founder of the website Reddit and venture capital company Initialized Capital Alexis Ohanian congratulated his grandfather on his birthday - John Ohanian turned 100 years old.

"My grandpa turned 100 years old on Jan 12 and it was a blessing to get four generations of Ohanians together.

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We had Armenian food for dinner at our home the next day and he regaled us with stories from winning a car in a church raffle (which he immediately sold to put toward college) to volunteering for WWII. His generation was built different and I'm grateful for their sacrifices.

To think of how far we came: my grandpa John Ohanian is the son of refugees, Armenian Genocide survivors, who were orphaned and started with nothing here in the US... His son built a small travel agency (retired this year) and his grandson built @reddit and who knows what great heights his great granddaughter will achieve," he wrote on his Instagram.