Arnold Schwarzenegger faces accident (PHOTOS)

11:00   22 January, 2022

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car accident, TMZ writes.

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Schwarzenegger reportedly drove a black Yukon SUV and collided with a red Prius. As a result of the collision, the SUV partially appeared on the Prius, as well as hit the neighboring Porsche Cayenne, reports.

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According to eyewitnesses, the accident was like a "movie trick", and the collision was so strong that the airbags in the actor's car were opened.

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According to preliminary data, Schwarzenegger was not injured. 

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The woman behind the wheel of the Prius was injured, she was taken to hospital with injuries, in particular, with severe bleeding from the head.

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According to the source, the actor is "deeply concerned" about what happened and wants to visit her in person.