Over $ 2 million in a day: How much Kanye West earned after declaring war to streaming services?

13:09   21 February, 2022

American rapper Kanye West reported on the growth in sales of the Stem Player, where he promised to exclusively release his album Donda 2.

“We’ve made $2,227,012.05 in 24 hours,” West captioned an image featuring a list of sales figures. “God is good. Thank you guys for taking this journey.”

The Stem player was released as a carrier for Kanye's previous album Donda. It allows you to divide the sound into 4 channels and mix the sound of songs in different ways. The player costs $200, writes The Flow.

The release of the album on the player is presented as a way to revolutionize the music industry and overcome the unfair distribution of money.

According to Kanye, in today's streaming industry, an artist only gets 12% of the money his music generates. He did not support these statements with any calculations.