Alain Delon wants to end his life by euthanasia

12:12   18 March, 2022

French film star Alain Delon says he does not want to become an infirm old man and suffer from disease. The actor wants to end his life by euthanasia.

"Getting old sucks! And we can’t do anything about it. We lose face and vision, get back on our feet and feel like a fucking ankle hurts. The torment is terrible," the actor was quoted by the French publication Le Point.

Delon has asked his son Anthony to help him die, saying he wants to leave this life with euthanasia: "As we get older, we have the right to go to hell quietly from life, without hospitals or injections," says French actor.

Euthanasia is the termination of the life of a person suffering from an incurable illness, experiencing unbearable suffering.